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Birthday Celebration, Sharing a Birthday Feast and Creating Beautiful Memories

June 15 , 2023

On the afternoon of March 10th, BBT ANTENNAS INC held a simple and warm celebration event for employees who had birthdays in the first quarter. The event was decorated in a minimalist and cozy style, with birthday cakes and various snacks placed on the table for employees to enjoy at their leisure. The employees spent an unforgettable time together.


BBT ANTENNAS INC has always placed great importance on employee welfare and care. Quarterly birthday parties and holiday celebrations are just some of the small benefits the company offers its employees and are also one of the ways the company expresses its gratitude and recognition to them.


The company prepared exquisite cakes and various delicacies for the employees, allowing them to enjoy themselves. On this special day, nothing is more heartwarming and fulfilling than sharing delicious food and happiness with colleagues.



Employees who celebrated their birthdays in the first quarter also received birthday red envelopes, which were another small surprise and benefit from the company. We believe everyone felt the company's care and support and will work even harder to make greater contributions to the company.


At this birthday party, employees could freely express themselves and communicate with ease. Some employees shared their work experiences and feelings, some shared interesting life stories and hobbies, and others talked about their expectations and hopes for the company's future development. These exchanges allowed employees to get to know each other better and deepen their relationships.








Happy times always seem to fly by. Although the excitement of the birthday party has passed, it left behind beautiful memories and joyful moods. Through this event, employees gained a deeper understanding of each other, strengthening their bonds, which will undoubtedly lay a solid foundation for the company's development.


BBT ANTENNAS INC is committed to providing a warm and harmonious working environment for its employees and offering a broad platform for their growth and development. In the days to come, we look forward to more interactions and exchanges, as we join hands and strive for a bright future for both the company and individuals!

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