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Products Recommand -- 5G Antennas Series
A 5G antenna is a device used for receiving and transmitting 5G signals, which can be divided into two types: base station antennas and terminal antennas. Base station antennas typically use massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology, which uses multiple small antenna arrays to achieve high-speed, high-capacity, and high-coverage communication.
World Cinema's new paper: How will Wi-Fi 7 change the connection between hotels, MDUs and campus networks?
Some experts said that Wi-Fi 6E has arrived, while Wi-Fi 7 may be less than 6 months away from us. How will Wi-Fi 7 change the connection between hotels, MDUs and campus networks? One of the largest hosting service providers in North America has studied this problem in a new paper: "Modern life needs transformative WiFi: achieving technological revolution through 6 GHz and WiFi 7"
Samsung promotes 6G R&D in the UK
Samsung set up a 6G research team in the UK focused on developing next-generation network technologies and terminals, marking another significant increase in investment by the Korean supplier in the country. The company says the team is part of its larger global 6G development project spanning multiple international research centers. Samsung believes that the UK has a long history of innovation in the mobile industry and is an "important country" in its global projects. The project will be based at Samsung UK Research Institute, which was founded in 1996 and is the first relevant center set up by Samsung outside its home market. The center's current focus is on communications networks, data intelligence, device-side artificial intelligence, as well as experts and expertise in the fields of visual development, security, the Internet of Things and telecommunications. By making a new investment in 6G, Samsung said it would develop multiple scenarios for research in the UK, demonstrating its vision at its first 6G Technology Forum in May. Sunghyen Choi, head of Samsung's Advanced Communications Research Center, believes that the road to 6G preparation is "a long and sweaty journey", and the center will work in the UK "to deliver the next generation of Super-Connection experience to all Samsung users in the 6G era". Like many industry partners, Samsung expects to launch a 6G deployment around 2030.
What's the difference between NBIOT antenna and LoRa!
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