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  •   In Jan 1 1991, BBT was founded.

  •   In Jun 20 1991, shareholder meeting was hold and shareholder constitution was made.

  •   In 1992, the first picoscope was bought, invested 100 thousand to develop new products.

  •   In 1993, production value was broke through 1 million for the first time.

  •   In 1994, changed the developing direction from interphone antenna to mobile phone antenna.

  •   In 1995, got the bid of Guangxi communication project and production value was broke through 3 million.

  •   In 1996, got the bid of Guangdong province communication station antenna.

  •   In 1997, Hangzhou sales department was found.

  •   In 1998, overseas marketing department was found, and the first import HP web analyse apparatus was bought.

  •   In 1999, Hongkong filiale was found.

  •   In 2000, Guangzhou filiale was found. First time to exhibit overseas.

  •   In 2001, stratagem developing team and perfect management constitution was found,. At the same year, production value was broke through 10 million.

  •   In 2002, product developing centre was found, 7500 sq.m. workshop was bought.

  •   In 2003, invested 2 million to buy numbers of testing apparatus, use for development centre.

  •   In 2004, new workshop was layed a foundation.

  •   In 2005, spread overseas market and attanded 6 exhibitions including Asia telecommunication exhibition, the first five years plan was made.

  •   In Mar 2005, microwave testing room started to be used.

  •   In May 2005, the antenna experts of China science and technology academe joined in BOBOTO.

  •   In Jun 2005, got the bid of China broadcast television bureau, DVB moveable DV antenna.

  •   In Aug 2005, got the China mobile Guangdong province indoor antenna bid.

  •   In Dec 2005, new workshop started to be used.

  •   In Jan 2006, new office building stared to be used.

  •   2006 BOBOTO strategical group decide to invest more fund for the model development of 13.8GHz new antenna.

  •   In 2007,a new workshop and 4 lines were started.

  •   In Jan 2008,numbers of injection apparatus were added.

  •   In Mar 2008,a set of antenna testing apparatus was bought.

  •   In May 2008,a RoHS tester was added.