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Successful enterprise derives from successful strategic talent planning and effort of all the employees. Go through 16 years` development and the effort of BBT staff, we develop WLAN antenna, mobile phone antenna, Wimax antenna, WIFI antenna, 3G antenna, DVB-T antenna, DVB-T antenna, RFID antenna, GSM antenna, and many 300MHZ-8GHzantennas which using in special environment.

    We have successful designed and OEM many kinds of antennas for following customers in China:

1, We supply GSM base station antenna, CDMA antenna, TD-SCDMA antenna, PHS antenna and WLAN antenna to Chinese Mobile, Chinese Unicom, Chinese Telecom, and Chinese Netcom.

2, We supply GSM AP antenna, 2.4GHz antenna, CDMA AP antenna, 450MHz antenna, 1.9GHz antenna, 2.4GHz antenna and TD-SCDMA antenna to ZTE.

3, We supply 5.8GHz antenna, Wimax antenna, 450MHz antenna, 1.9GHz antenna, 1.9GHz antenna, 2.4GHz antenna and TD-SCDMA antenna to Huawei.

3, We supply 230MHz-250MHz base station antenna to China CEO Corporation.

    For oversea market:

1, We supply 2.4GHz antenna, 3.5GHz antenna and 4.9GHz antenna to CISCO .SYSTEMS.

2, We supply mobile phone antenna and 2.4GHz antenna to AT&T.

3, We supply 150MHz antenna, 450MHz antenna and 800MHz antenna to KENWOOD.

4, Some of our car antennas are using in tanks and planes.

The special management system comes into being in BOBOTO. After years of development, BOBOTO set up an fair and opening employment fundamental; continue to bring up talents; provide development space to employees; gather a lot of antennatalents, such as microwave antenna engineer, KU satellite antenna engineer, intelligent antenna engineer, RFIDantenna engineer, AP antenna engineer, base station antenna engineer, GPS antenna engineer, parabolic antennaengineer, TV antenna engineer, TD-SCDMA antenna engineer, PDH antenna engineer, point to point microwave antennaengineer and so on.

    Some training courses are hold to upgrade our staff, such as antenna installation training, antenna production management training, visiting other antenna manufactory. Besides, we pay attention to personal respect and understanding. So the Unlimited exchange culture is build up in BOBOTO.

The predominance of BOBOTO:

1.     Sixteen years of antenna development experience

2.     We gain SGS as well as ISO9001-TSO14001

3.     Comply to ROHS

4.     Wide product appliance extent, including indoor antenna, outdoor antenna, base station antenna, car antenna, GPS antenna, DVB-T antenna, AM / FM antenna, interphone antenna, mobile phone antenna, WLAN antenna, Routerantenna, tunnel ahead antenna, GSM / CDMA antenna, speedway antenna, point to point antenna.

5.     The antenna include following frequency: 27MHz single frequency antenna, 47MHz wireless telephone antenna, 88-108MHz FM antenna, 137-173MHz fire control communication antenna, 137-173MHz mobile phone antenna, 433MHz RFIDantenna ,420-470 MHz wireless antenna, 470-860 MHz DVB/T antenna, 860-960 MHz GSM antenna, 824-894MHz CDMAantenna, 1710-1880 MHz GSM antenna, 1880-1990MHz CDMA antenna, 1880-1920 MHz PHS antenna, 2170MHz 3G antenna, TD-SCDMA antenna, 2.4GHz antenna ,WIFI antenna,WLAN antenna, 3.5GHz antenna,WIMAX antenna, 1575 MHz GPS antenna,4.9-5.8 HMz ,WIFI /WIMAXantenna.

        1880-1990 MHz DECT antenna, 860-960/1710-1880MHz GPRS antenna others are satellite and microwave antennas.

6.     BOBOTO manufacture good quality, good performance and low cost products.

7.     Complete equipments: 8 production line, 27500 square workshop, daily production capability more than 10000 PCS, twenty-three antenna testing machine including network analyzer, long-distance antenna testing system, environment testing machine

8.     Good development capability. Usually the lead time is 10 ~ 15 working days

9.     Professional sales Executive always ready to follow your order and answer the antenna technology question.