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The role and type of satellite wifi antenna


The role of satellite wifi antenna is to collect the faint signal transmitted by the satellite, and as far as possible to remove noise. Most often parabolic-shaped wifi antenna, there are some more focus on spherical and parabolic wifi antenna is a combination. Satellite signals reflected by parabolic wifi antenna to focus its focus after the office.


The type of satellite wifi antenna

Center Focus Focus Satellite wifi antenna Satellite wifi antenna center is commonly referred to as coke wifi antenna, also known as parabolic wifi antennas, regardless of the depth of their wifi antenna factors exhibited parabolic arc disk. Central focus for the disk wifi antenna features perfect circle, LNB wifi antenna placed in the central focus.

Coke is the focus of the wifi antenna according to their location can be divided into deep and shallow dish, the same size of the wifi antenna is shorter if the focus on the deeper disk, disk of the more shallow the longer the focus, such as asking that a more useful, it is their own The advantages and disadvantages.

Coke is looking for satellite wifi antenna, usually only know the elevation of the satellite ground receiver, the elevation angle adjustment device to be placed in the middle of Yang-degree wifi antenna, and then with a compass and satellite signal test equipment is very easy to find the satellite you want. When you are positioning is completed, then the central disk, LNB and 30 006 1000 km of the satellite is in a straight line.

FRP forming one satellite wifi antenna

FRP wifi antenna is made of glass fiber. Fiber inner foil home folder as a satellite signal reflection. As the bulky wifi antenna, usually in the mold making process used to produce by hand.

As the body shape of this wifi antenna. So you can guarantee absolute roundness and precision parabolic surface. Completely avoid the combination of wifi antenna due to improper combination. Which led to "the side flap" or "multifocal" troubles.

Due to a combination of accuracy higher than the wifi antenna, particularly suitable for strengthening the economy needs high-gain wifi antenna of the KU-band satellite receiver.

One-piece high-gain wifi antenna is characterized by the quality and standard gain wifi antenna to wifi antenna gain is different from the combination of quality, subject to the construction engineers determined mood. Disadvantage: because it is forming one.

Therefore, on transportation and high-rise operations have a certain degree of difficulty.

FRP wifi antenna used to receive C and Ku band satellite signals. Usually used in cable television systems, TVRO and satellite communication systems related to manufacturing.

As the FRP wifi antenna durable. Domestic cable TV system. So far, about Jiucheng from earlier this type of wifi antenna used.

Aluminum mesh wifi antenna network molding pressure, the wifi antenna structure and the curvature of the accuracy depends entirely on the skeleton of the shape, the wifi antenna combination of the construction will have a considerable impact Alignment degrees, so on the wifi antenna combination of the technical requirements of professional technicians is high.

This type of wifi antenna because of the curvature is subject to the accuracy of the wifi antenna. Therefore, the lower in frequency than the commonly used C-band satellite receiver. The use of the wifi antenna to cable TV systems, TVRO and individuals to receive the main.

Stamping Mould Iron plate wifi antenna

Iron dish wifi antenna to receive the highest utilization rate is a personal one. It can be divided into partial focus forming one, center focus and center focus forming one multi-chip combination. Iron plate forming one wifi antenna sizes ranging from 35cm-180cm.

Generally available to receive Ku-band satellite. 160cm-180cm visible satellite Power wifi antenna size to receive C-band satellite. Forming one good cheap wifi antenna installation and set-signal gain stability.

The only drawback is more inconvenient to carry more than 100cm. Iron plate in multi-chip wifi antenna combinations ranging in size from 160cm-240cm. Generally applicable to C-band satellite receiver. If used to receive Ku-band. The effect is not very satisfactory.

Iron plate wifi antenna is used together with galvanized steel die stamping molding. To mass production. So the price is cheaper.

Combined SNC Satellite wifi antenna

SNC satellite wifi antenna is the use of glass fiber as raw material. Heating the forming mold together. And sandwiched a layer of stainless steel wire inside. Used to reflect the satellite signals.

SNC wifi antenna used to receive satellite signals C and Ku. However, when the receiving Ku-band. Pay particular attention to the composition of the film wifi antenna if there is disk and disk gap between high and low is formed, because a slight gap will lead to deterioration of the overall efficiency of the wifi antenna. SNC Satellite wifi antennas are usually used in cable TV systems and special communications business.

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